Blue Lives Matter, a Cedar Films Production and from the creators of MUNDO – From Altar Boy to Hit Man, is Available Now on Amazon Prime.

Based on the book entitled Court of Appeals, the story is about a police officer who is involved in an altercation with a gang member leading to the officer shooting the gangster.  The community and DA’s Office rail against him and put him through a court battle threatening to take away his freedom.  A must see for all in Law Enforcement.  What makes this story so real is that it was written by a 25-year police veteran; the tension is palpable and you receive a look into the police officer’s mind.  Please watch the movie, review (hopefully Five Stars) and share with your friends and family.

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1 thought on “BLUE LIVES MATTER

  1. Blue Lives Matter is a poignant, timely movie about the backlash police officers face today. This is a must see movie for not only police officers, but the public at large. The movie portrays the emotional side of police officers who get involved in shootings. It shows that officers are just regular people with the same problems and issues as everyone else.

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