Stan The Man Martyniouk – Breakout Year in 2019?

Stan Martyniouk is a boxer who is waiting for a chance to make a huge splash. A tall, fast, and lanky junior welterweight, he comes from a decorated amateur career as a member of the USA team, with a fascinating upbringing. The son of a professional kickboxer, born in Estonia, and growing up in California by way of Canada, Martyniouk has been in training camps with names who are, or have been, on the pound for pound elite ranks, such as Terence Crawford, Andre Berto, Amir Khan, and Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao, Martyniouk said, was his turning point in his career, with his intense sparring in his training camp for Pacquiao vs Algieri, helping to elevate Martyniouk’s game, going 6-0 with 3 KOs after training with the Pacman. “The reason why they bring me into camp is because I don’t go in there as a punching bag, I go in there to make myself better. I try to beat them in sparring.” Sparring can get intense, forcing the participants to move their hands, think quickly, move their feet quickly, and sometimes treating their sparring sessions with fight intensity.

His record is deceptive, showing a seemingly pedestrian 5 knockouts in 19 victories, with two decision losses. However, his training has been consistently elite, with his sparring against the top welterweights and junior welterweights, and his hands healing from earlier in his career. With his hand injuries behind him, he has stopped 3 of his past 6 opponents. Most elite fighters get the vast majority of their knockouts early in their careers, as promoters line up favorable matchups for prospects with potential, and as their careers progress and they are matched with more talented opposition, their knockout ratios plummet. Martyniouk seems to be going in the reverse direction, and has been able to punch with more authority as he gains confidence in his hand durability and his physicality matures in his 30s. His rounds of experience throughout his career so far from going the distance so often, has helped inform his style of boxing today. He feels he has been able to learn how to pick his shots more effectively.


“Everybody knows who I am or they have at least heard my name, but I just haven’t made that big jump in the pro rankings yet, but this is the year that we are looking to step out, get my name out there more and more, so that people are more aware of my name. When I do step out on the big scene, people will be aware of who I am.” Martyniouk plans to be at the top of the sport in 2019, after training consistently in 2017 and 2018 while waiting for fights that did not materialize. Stan “The Man” Martyniouk looks like he could make a splash at junior welterweight in 2019 if given the opportunity.


His social media information can be found here:

Instagram: Stantheman85

Twitter: @stmboxing

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