Street Vendors

As of today, sales on the street of anything from bacon-wrapped hot dogs to Mexican National flags were illegal, even though the law was rarely enforced.

After 10 years of back and forth debate about street vending, Los Angeles


City Council voted Wednesday overwhelmingly to make it legal.  The 13-0 vote came in council chamber packed with hundreds of street vendors who broke into tears.
Now its up to the city figure out a how it will put a program in place to issue permits to an estimated 50,000 vendors who peddle all manner of produce, cooked meals, and merchandise all over the city in parks, by schools, and on the street corners and sidewalks.
Despite today’s unanimous vote. L.A. still plans to ban vending near busy venues such as Dodger Stadium, the Hollywood Bowl, Staples Center, the Coliseum, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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